Start Date: 1st August 2023
End Date: 27th October 2023

Robotic systems have rapidly been incorporated into a plethora of industries, from bespoke operations to mass production, primarily due to their ability to automate tasks demanding precision, consistency, or those that pose risks to human operators. VR-ROS, a cutting-edge VR application, seeks to address this by immersing its users in the intricate mechanics and structure of an articulated robot, empowering them with hands-on knowledge to seamlessly integrate into robotics-focused workplaces.

Furthermore, VR-ROS doesn’t merely stop at simulation. It acts as a bridge between virtual interaction and real-world robotic applications by offering interfaces for external data streams and commands via robust, industry-standard IoT communication channels and ROS. This seamless integration not only offers users a comprehensive training tool but also paves the way for pioneering research activities in the expansive realm of robotics.