Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP)- Level 1

A Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistant will function as a well-grounded machine op- erator in a complex system, with responsibility for efficient operation of the equipment with min- imal down-times. Normally a Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistant would carry out their work at plant assembly sites, workshops or in connections with service operations which utilize complex mechatronic systems.

He or she will be able to:

  1. Localize malfunctions, identify causes and sources of malfunctions, correct malfunctions where possible and/or document malfunctions to be passed on to the appropriate experts for resolution, or (where appropriate) exchanging or replacing defective components;
  2. Recognize potential or impending malfunctions and contact expert assistance in order to keep the production line functioning and to prevent production loss;
  3. Perform routine, preventive maintenance;
  4. Understand and explain the principal operations of the mechatronic subsystems in a com- plex system;
  5. Understand and explain how these subsystems work together;
  6. Read and understand the technical documents, reports and outlines specific to the system and subsystems, and be able to consult with experts;
  7. Work effectively as a team-member and to coordinate their activities with upstream and downstream operations;
  8. Understand and implement safety regulations required for operation of the system.

Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistants understand the full system. At this certification level, they view the components or devices in terms of their roles within the system, and work to keep the system running at maximum capacity. Because the individual components or devices are viewed as “black boxes” in this certification level, they will not be responsible for carrying out re- pairs of defective devices. However, they will be able to identify correctly where malfunctions are occurring and be able to communicate with experts who can carry out the required repairs.

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SMSCP Level 1