Siemens Internship

Staffs at the Siemens Center with some of the Interns who had completed the programme.
Assembly line used during training
Practical analysis of system
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SMSCP is the bridge between theory and industry. It is the mind-opener that enables one to see technology not only for what it is but also for all that it can be.

The internship programme is designed to enable the interns to acquire requisite hands-on skills and prepare them for professional practice in their respective engineering fields.

Qualifications required

  1. Have completed diploma/ degree in electrical/mechanical/mechatronics engineering.
  2. Should have an insurance cover.

Duration of the internship

  • The internship programme runs for a period of 12 months.
  • Application is free but should provide proof of funding.

Here’s what past students had to say about the internship experience

“I learned more than I ever expected.  I felt in the beginning that I would really have a hard start being that I have done electrical and electronics engineering and I was entering into a field of mechatronics engineering, but the experience of trying something new is extremely beneficial. A lot of people get stuck in routines, staying in the same town, attending the same schools or surrounding themselves with the same people. Doing this internship exposed me to new people in a more controlled and stable environment. After few days of interacting with staff and students I got to love, enjoy and really benefit from the programme.”

“As my internship draws to a close and I reflect back on all I have learned; I realize what an excellent experience this has been. I gathered much knowledge in the classroom, but a hands-on approach has been invaluable. In my opinion, the best way to learn is by doing. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I believe Siemens Centre has done a tremendous job in implementing the internship program into the curriculum. I have gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world.  I would advise everyone to take the opportunity and do an internship.”


  1. GAIN REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE: It also allows you to harness the skill, knowledge, and theoretical practice learnt in university.You can acquire endless amounts of education in your life, however, that knowledge doesn’t always translate to the working life. The great thing about Siemens internship is that it teaches young professionals about industry 4.0.
  2. EXPERIENCE SHAPES YOU: The internship will not only encourage personal development, but also a greater understanding of self. To know yourself is to know your goals and how to best achieve them. Finding this level of clarity is difficult, but sometimes all it takes is trying something new, out of your comfort zone.
  3. CAREER DEVELOPMENT: An intern has the opportunity to also study the courses offered by Siemens as they continue with the programme.
  4. NETWORKING: Interns during training will get to interact with their mentors who are professional engineers and other professionals from their field of study who they make connections with and could use these contacts for future references or for work related advice. This will also offer a platform for the interns to get to know the dynamics in the real world and this knowledge will help them find opportunities in the workplace.
  5. SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Read and understand the technical documents, reports and outlines specific to the system and subsystems, and be able to troubleshoot in case of a fault.