Compressed Air Energy Process Control System

Start Date: 16th February 2023
End Date: 30th March 2023

Compressed Air Energy Process Control System(CAEPCS) is a Virtual Reality Application that explores the concepts on Energy Sustinability. The project’s main highlight is the generation of electrical power from a turbine driven by a pneumatic actuator i.e. a motor powered by pressurised air. The project was inspired by the works of some students of the Siemens Mechatronics Certification Program at the Center. CAEPCS also aims to provide a solution to cases whre Power Reduncancy is desirable, with the system complementing the main power source should their be a failure or interruption.

The VR application, even though not linked to the physical machine in the typical Digital Twin fashion, mirrors the resemblance as well as functionality of the real physical machine.The application is intended to equip its users with knowldge on power systems, pneumatics, as well as conrol theory, more so on the Proportional-Integral-Derivative(PID) controller. Users of the application get to interact with various elements of the the CAEPCS as well as manipulate variable of the applications inbuilt controllers. In closing, the CAEPCS Virtual Reality Application merges technology and education, offering a hands-on approach to understanding sustainable energy and control systems. It showcases the vast potential of VR in both training and energy innovation.