Analytical Process Control

Start Date: 30th August 2021
End Date: 15th November 2021

It is a VR digital twin project based on Amatrol’s Analytical Process Control Machine. The machine is intended to equip its user with skills on control of chemical properties of a substance which is applicable is various industries including pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, and refineries. The machine also allows its users to explore a wide range of topics, including analytical process control, pH electrodes, pH meters and transmitters, loop controllers, and more!

This project endevaours to extend the physical machine by providing users with an alternate access to it through virtrual reality. The user is provided with the capability of not only interacting with the machine in a virtual space but also connecting to a Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), both physcial or simulated. This allows the user to explore Analytical Process Contol concepts conveniently even while physically away from the physical machine. In summary, this VR digital twin project enhances the capabilities of Amatrol’s Analytical Process Control Machine, offering users a versatile virtual experience. By bridging physical and virtual spaces, users can delve into key analytical process control concepts and interact with PLCs, whether real or simulated, from any location.